by Senegal Astroturf

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Broken proverb primordial actions, landscape fractured infraction. Who took you down a pure end calling? Who took you down into the crawl space? Crawling on your hands and knees, I fell in love with your crawling voice.
"Is love real?"
How do you feel the feelings that escape you? A solid state contingency flows through your escarpment; I felt your crawling hands below.
Below I felt your call for time.

Scarcity commonplace complacency. I fear the satellites in my bones: I hear the satellites all around me. Shook down forthright for righteousness?
Hell and hearing, fearing your consistency. Inconsistent with me?
Falsely accused of false accusations.
Falsely accused of being near.
Falsely accused of being you.

Autumnal transparency, I pine for you.
Do you think of me?
Do you wish for time?
Dreaming in your silence. Pulling inconsistent thoughts. Consistent feelings, persistent intentions, meek reflections; what are we now? Fox scalp capping, notwithstanding, falsifications wish on you. Her somber shade of elasticity struck me in deceit.
Sirens shine light; do you hear me?

Perish inconsequential; false deities sing for another golden age, calling on strangers, stranger in complexion. Stranger than foreign ideas of light and love in flight and flood. Where do they give their alien aid to those in need of lavish parade?

Deconstructing our innermost; finding that we used to know. Our abstractions pushing inwards, folding onward, disappearing. Disheartening. Disconcerting. Shooting through, and out around. Out behind us, in our minds. We're running; missing out on time.

Scour shard, pulling in the dark. Entry. Discovery: discovering you & me. Withal those thoughts, wherein you took-- [them]//(me)//[there]. Drop//and//Forget how you broke their backs with honest felt integrity.

Integral for consideration.
Integral to incineration.
Integral for continuation.
Integral to integration.

Encapsulate encapsulation [jolting silence], frost-bit creation. Cool to hear, cruel to fear; cold touch//heat wave. Burning faces :: ||Bu|rni||ng--||Pl|a|||ces|

||| | | | |||

Foreign landscapes, folding places, searching for a cleaner image. We were under German skies: a cubist countryside.


released September 5, 2014

All songs written and performed by Senegal Astroturf
Duplicitous Feedback Dreams by Lucid Boots
Recorded live off the floor by Dr. Johnny Pee at Birdland, and Dale Morningstar at The Gas Station
Mixed with Dr. Johnny Pee and Dale Morningstar
Mastered by Joe Lapinski at Midtown Studios
Art and Design by Senegal Astroturf



all rights reserved


Senegal Astroturf Welland, Ontario


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Track Name: Sitting There Awkwardly While You Sit Naked
Calling to me, with our voices lost in the dark
We fell together
In silent remorse, there’s always some way to let go
In silent remorse, there’s always some way that I’ll know
She got inside his mind now it’s shutting him down,
Maybe they’ll find holy ground
On common ground, there’s always some way to let go
On common ground, there’s always some way that I’ll know

All things are sacred, nothing matters.
Grappling Empire, lake spirits power sunrise passes.
The ghosts of our souls, living in our heads
Stealing on a low burning dread

She's a strange hearted girl, in a strange hearted world
She's a strange hearted girl, in an uncharted world
He got red on The sheets now she's going away,
Maybe they'll find her some day
Cabaret shoot me down, in a strange hearted world
Cabaret shoot me down, in an uncharted world
Track Name: [Boxcar] I Don't Know
The shadows on the ceiling leave me feeling so blue
At the thought of you taking off before it's done
Taking off before it's gone

I need to see it through
And so do you

I need to find a rain man to make it through the day
I need to find a rain man to make it all okay
to make it go away

What would I say
You've been no one,
Watching mountains drift by
Track Name: Different Truths/Signs
They want us to believe in a one sided state, well, we evolved, So why can't they?
The moon's come up and its time to run,
Searching for the midnight sun

Samantha Dogskin,
Testimonial freelance
Look at what you did to me

Hearts in the dark losing face for a fragile feeling,
Finding friends laying still
In a duke street cathedral

Hearts shine like neon,
Nothing wasted in this wasteland
Hearts shine like neon,
Everything is left to chance
And the gold chains drop
The gold chains drop

Get out
Patience crawling
Turn around
Move on

Give me the future,
Don’t lie to me
Track Name: (I had the craziest dream last night. You wouldn't believe it. You were in it.) We Were Cowboys
I wish I'd let her lay there in the sky with me,
But I refuse to lose my apathy.
I wish I'd bring it down and stay along (and stay alone),
But I won't give up my apathy.

When is pathetic fallacy pathetic
When it reflects reality?

Mind over matter, but nothing really matters
Sunrise lullabies sprawling in the haze
Satellite cowboys give me the news from yesterday
And I'll give you a bullet between the eyes

Why do I dream of you and I
When our time has come and gone?

Small impact
Colour my communication (in what language?)
Track Name: Tide
Time drips down the walls,
Flows through the ground
Makes its rounds,
Claims all sounds

The loudest reflections of imperfection
The irony of philosophy


Makes it's rounds...
Claims all sounds
Track Name: Senior League Development
Oh my dear, I can’t imagine what you have to fear
Running from a silence so sharp and clear
The sounds of yesterday have disappeared

Oh my dear, I can’t imagine what has brought you here
Running from a presence so removed from you
You will never know all the things that you do